Previous digital experiences fall far short of being accessible to those with low/no vision. The Colorfeel experience has been designed to leverage technology, including AI, to help people with low/no vision select the perfect shade of makeup for themselves.

This cutting-edge digital application revolutionizes the intersection of technology and beauty for visually impaired individuals. By harnessing the power of advanced AI, it transcends traditional makeup selection by deciphering the subtleties of a person’s appearance to tailor personalized makeup recommendations that flawlessly complement each individual’s appearances.

But Colorfeel’s true innovation lies in its AI-driven color descriptions – meticulously created to articulate the nuances of each shade of makeup in a manner more easily perceptible to those with low/vision. Through these auditory descriptions, users can effortlessly comprehend an extensive palette, receiving detailed, intelligible insights into the visual characteristics of each hue.

Colorfeel empowers all users to navigate the world of beauty with confidence and style, regardless of their level of visual acuity.